May 3, 2008

Haruha has landed!

An honest-to-goodness FO! Really!

Last fall I joined Sundara's Seasons Club, and chose Winter. (If you haven't sampled Sundara's yarn, I can heartily recommend it all.) Out of the six shipments, three are socks yarns. Now, I'm not much of a sock knitter. I know, I know, they are great portable projects, but they've never really thrilled me. Fortunately, the good knitters on Ravelry have discovered many patterns for a single skein of sock yarn that are NOT socks, and Haruha is an excellent example. My skein of Candied Chrome is highly variegated, so I was apprehensive about a lace project for it, but I am so pleased with the result! Haruha consists of a very simple lace pattern that is easily committed to memory. Most of this project was knitted during HBO's recent John Adams mini-series, with nary a need to rip back.The details:

Haruha Scarf

1 skein Sundara 100% merino superwash sock yarn in Candied Chrome

Size 6 Knitpicks Options circular needles (love the Options!)

Finished size is 65 X 8.5

Go for it!

In Chez Infiknitty news, Alan and I will be in NYC tonight for a lovely dinner out with my mom and stepfather. Tomorrow Alan will be in the Five-Boro Bike Tour, so I'll be at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island to greet him, while knitting away on this:

Have yourself a merry little weekend, fellow knitters!

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Yarnhog said...

Oooh! What a great scarf! I'm not much of a sock knitter either--but that doesn't stop me from buying sock yarn. I'm going to queue that pattern right now.