March 16, 2008

Love me, love my knitting

A well-laid plan, but it doesn't always work. Daughter #1 wants nothing handknit by me, whereas Daughter #2 is always asking for more. Yep, she's in the will....

#2 loves socks. All hues and patterns. And so she shall have them. She picked out the yarn herself for this pair, DG Confetti in colorway 39108 on size 3 Knitpicks Options via magic loop.

The other gracious and grateful recipient of my gift knits is of course Alan. He is also the only one willing to tramp around with me on yarn crawls. Yesterday we hit two: The Spinnery in Frenchtown, NJ and Twist in New Hope, PA. Frenchtown is a lovely little village on the Delaware River and also the D&R Canal. Yesterday was a spring preview, a picture-perfect day for all of us hungering for spring, and it brought out the bicyclists, the doggies and their people, and anyone else who wanted to enjoy the day.
The Spinnery was charming, but not very inviting. There were two straight-backed wood chairs that appeared to be for show, not for knitting and chatting. The yarn selection was minimal, but spinning wheels and supplies were more plentiful. They had a couple of very impressive antique spinning wheels for sale. Twist was quite small, but it still had a comfy sofa and chairs that invite you to pull out your needles and join them, although I didn't. The project I'm carrying around these days is the Bee, which is not conducive to snatching a minute for a couple of stitches here and there. I'm trying desperately NOT to start a new project. Too much on the needles.
Happy knitting!


TheBlackSheep said...

I like that sock yarn! Nice stuff!

You need to carry a simple sock around for knitting in random confy chairs. It takes longer to get them done when you only knit while you're out, but you get there in the end and don't waste knitting opporunities.

Yarnhog said...

Love the sock colors! It's good to have a kindred spirit in the house. My youngest loves handknits, but refuses to actually wear them. Kinda defeats the purpose.

Elysbeth said...

Great socks! Second the motion for socks as emergency purse stash knitting and other items as end-of-sofa knitting.

I don't knit socks at home but have been managing a pair a month this year by leaving them in the bag for those odd moments.