August 4, 2007

Dishrag Tag

Cecily, our Disparate Knitters Team Captain, has been tagged, so she has the "box." If you have no idea what I'm referring to, then you have missed out on some fun this summer. I'm not much of a dishrag knitter, but when Emily announced her summertime scheme, I had to participate. Since joining in June, I have been flexing my dishrag muscles and I think I'm ready!

I made Alan's mum two dishrags, but neglected to photograph them before they flew the Atlantic. Alan wanted a bath mitt and facecloth, so I made them for him in Peaches 'n' Creme Faded Denim.

But now my team's potential glory or downfall is at stake! You can track the Disparate Knitters' progress in the new graphic on the right.

[[Ed: there are teams who are already on their second person! How'd they do that??]]


Alan said...

Mum says thanks for the dishrags. She loves them; shows them to friends and family then says they're too nice to use!!!

And so she doesn't. They're sat on her dressing table like a pair of doylies

Anyway, c'mon Disparate Knitters!!!

Get those needles smokin'!!!

PS: disperate isn't a typo is it?

Alan said...

PS: disperate isn't a typo is it?

Of course, I meant disparate.