July 25, 2007

Ravelry = Crack

I can't get enough of Ravelry! After waiting forever for my invite, I used Ravelry's new tool to see where I was on the LIST, and found that my invitation was sent out a month ago. A month ago people! My guess is the spam filter ate it.

Ravelry is an audaciously powerful tool for knitters. I can't say enough about it. Since joining I have: found other knitters who are making the same projects in the same yarn as I am (which considering I never use the recommended yarn is a miracle); joined some great groups like Jersey Represents, Stitching Liberally, Rhinebeck, etc; learned about some knitting groups in my area; found many of the bloggers I read in blogland are in Ravelryland; read about projects and yarns that are in my queue; and on and on. I am completely hooked!

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