March 23, 2007

Besotted Scarf goes to Cornwall!

England was wonderful! The Besotted Scarf is now safely ensconced with its intended recipient, darling Alan.

Here he is in the cemetery of St Genny's Church.
Besotted was knitted with 8 ounces of Black Water Abbey's Ocean using Knitpicks Options size 8 needles.

Here is another view of Besotted and Alan, this time with the Cornish cliffs in the background.

Yes, Alan's hair was standing on end. The wind was overpowering on the cliffs.

The views from this vantage point were magnificent, and the entire trip was a delight. Knitting was accomplished, including on airplanes (Newark International and Bristol International have knitting-friendly security)!

More later....

1 comment:

Alan said...

Sheesh! I wish I'd had a shave now!!!