March 13, 2007

Flying Away

Tomorrow night I will be winging my way to England for a week's stay! My fellow knitters will empathize when I say that my biggest concern is not what clothes or shoes to pack, but rather which projects to take, which needles can I safely bring on the plane (I've printed the current info from the TSA website!), etc.

My first STR club shipment is enticing, but given the issues that other knitters have had with needle sizes, I'd rather not take that large an assortment of needles with me. I also have my first Flock Socks to work on. I'll finish Daughter #2's camo socks before I leave. But after much consideration, I've decided to take Arwen and a new project to start, the Gatsby Girl Pullover from the fall 2006 IK.

It was great to see that Eunny Jang has been named the new IK editor! I don't know Eunny personally, but her blog is fabulous, and she is clearly a highly skilled, talented, and innovative knitter. Print o' the Waves is on my to-knit list! I'll be very interested to see where she takes IK.

Happy knitting to all!

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