February 1, 2007

The deep blue sea

I have a Pavlovian response to a new yarn purchase: no, I don't salivate (okay maybe just a little), but I! Must! Cast! On! Despite the fact that my OTN projects are taking up every available space in my bedroom, I had to try out this yarn. It is destined to be a surprise Valentine gift for someone (You know who you are! Stop reading!). Black Water Abbey caught my eye at the Arwen knit-along, as someone suggested it as a great yarn for that project. Then about a week ago The Mafia unveiled a Besotted scarf she was knitting for the Red Scarf Project, and I decided it was perfect for this gift. The color is Ocean, and the blue is a perfect match for someone's eye color. The colors are deeper than they appear on my monitor.

This yarn is great! A joy to cable with, and just right for a scarf knitted with love.

Surely I can't be the only one in blogdom waiting to hear about Mini-Mafia, can I? Here's hoping all is well.

1 comment:

FemiKnitMafia said...

Oh, you are too sweet. But remember ... Wifey is a surrogate, so she's not exactly mini-mafia, despite months of listening to my antics through the belly.