January 27, 2007

Blowin' in the wind

After having ridden shotgun over 800 miles in the last three days, I can't tell you how relieved I am to be home. I finished my Fiesta Yarns mittens (pic to follow) and worked a little bit on Arwen. Given the mileage, you might think, since I wasn't the driver, that much knitting was accomplished, but we worked most of the trip, until my car sickness kicked in but good.

Portland was cold but charming. Everyone was so polite and friendly! Dinner Wednesday night was at Natasha's, where I can highly recommend the Dim Sum appetizer and the Cambodian Hot Bowl entree. Lunch the next day was at Gilbert's Chowder House, right on the water (brrr!). The seafood chowder was delicious! Business accomplished, we were back on the road Thursday afternoon to Chestnut Hill, MA, and more business.

There was a great package waiting for me at home (along with a ton of other mail, mostly junk and bills): Oktoberfest sock kit from the Tsock Tsarina. Her sock designs are highly creative, and this one was too much frothy goodness to pass up. The yarn is delightful, and the pattern is explicit in its instructions and detail. The description (and photos) of a provisional crochet cast-on are the clearest I've come across, and I love the toe-up two-circ construction (I think Lisa will also provide a dpn version for dpn lovers).

To wear with my Fiesta Yarns mittens in Safari, I want to knit a shortish scarf in the same yarn to tuck in to my coat. The colorway will not be enhanced with a fussy, lacy, or cable pattern, so I am thinking about a few simple ruffles. Does anyone have a pattern suggestion?

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