June 23, 2007

Hello kitty

My cats love their cat beds, which are nasty cheapo polyester pads that get beat up pretty quickly, and must then be replaced. Knitter that I am, how could it be that Lucy & Ricky don't have handknit kitty beds? Whatever the reason, I have remedied the situation.

Lucy now sleeps on a kitty bed knitted from lovely Morehouse merino. Their cat kit is often the free pattern du jour, which means the pattern is free and the yarn is marked down by 15%.

Prefelting, Lucy had already claimed it. Felting was not an easy task, but afterward Lucy enjoys it even more.

I would next like to try kitty pi, but it will have to be a large size, as Ricky is a bit of a porker.

It's a beautiful day today weatherwise, and I'm off to knit Gatsby Girl in the backyard!

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