January 13, 2007

Stash Augmentation

It can't be all Arwen all the time, now can it? I thought I would sneak in a couple of glove/mitten/scarf projects, so Mission Yarn Acquisition was accomplished yesterday. I know many in the knitblog world are knitting from their stash in some way/shape/form, but my stash is on the puny side and I feel no such compunction to avoid new yarn purchases. Therefore I give you:

Lopi Original in jungle green variegated. To be mittens and neck warmer for daughter #2.

Fiesta Yarns Watermark in colorway safari. To be ruffly mittens and scarf for me.

And finally, also for me, is a doubleheader:

The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky Hand-Dyed, colorways Granny Smith on top and Purple on the bottom. They are both deliciously semi-solid.

But as to Arwen, I successfuly cast on for the left sleeve, but then forgot. to. do. the short. rows. Which meant rrrrrrrip. Back on track now.

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