January 15, 2007

Knitting progress and gratuitous cat photos

Do all who knit also have cats? As I scour the internet in search of knitting blogs, yarn and cats seem to go needle-in-paw, and here at Infiknitty it is no different.

Arwen is progressing well. After ripping because I forgot the short rows, I'm back on track. Lucy approves.

Daughter #2's Lopi neck warmer is perfect for my camouflage-loving child. At first I wasn't pleased with the way the variegated yarn was patterning, but it has grown on me. Ricky ignores.

Bella, almost all coal-black doggy that she is, does not photograph well with yarn, luckily for her.

Daughter #1 has claimed the Granny Smith Blue Sky bulky! She wants a scarf.

It's a dreary day in NJ. My fulltime place of business is closed today; I'm working on a small freelance project that should be keeping me busy, but instead I've been doing anything but the work!

1 comment:

Alan said...

Where are my socks?

Give me something to help my poor frozen tootsies!!!