November 13, 2006

Lucy & Ricky

These are our lovely kitties, Lucy & Ricky. They were stray kittens born to a feral mother who prowls the neighborhood where I work. It is a densely wooded area with geologically significant "boulder fields," with some wetlands thrown in, so there are lots of places for cats to roam as well as hide. We rescued them when they were about 5 weeks old. This same cat has had at least three more litters that I know of since Lucy and Ricky were born in May 2005. For the cat lovers among you, the kittens from these other litters have been adopted, including one 10 days ago by my mom. That kitten, Ma Cherie, left us this weekend to go to Manhattan to be an Upper West Side cat.

We have tried to catch the mom with a Have-a-Heart trap so we can have her spayed, but to no avail.

In this photo they are about 3 months old. Okay, it isn't a current photo, but they don't cuddle up like this and pose for me anymore!

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